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32 || Abernathy Plaza / Stadium District

Ralph David Abernathy
Photo Credit: Emma Amos

Ralph David Abernathy

Ralph David Abernathy Memorial
Artist: Emma Amos
(b. Atlanta, 1938, r. New York)

Located along Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard between Formwalt and Cooper Streets, the Abernathy Memorial is a tribute to the famous Civil Rights leader and activist. Comprised of four site installations, the memorial reflects three aspects of Dr. Abernathy’s life and work, as well as the history of the Mechanicsville neighborhood. A bronze pulpit chair and lectern depict the ecclesiastical life of Dr. Abernathy; the crumbling wall symbolizes his political accomplishments; and the mosaic sofa represents his family life. Placing Abernathy’s work in context, the seat and arbor reflect the residential community. Mosaics unify these distinct components, which are also linked by pathways. The memorial is part of the larger Abernathy Square, whose goal is to function as a gathering spot and retail/community center for Mechanicsville.

Ceramic mosaics, bronze, concrete, wood, marble, semi-precious stones

Chair – 44” w x 30” d x 62” h
Lectern – 36” w x 18” d x 48” h
Lectern Dais – 12’-6” diameter
Planting Area – 14’-6” diameter
Sofa – 8’-0” w x 30” d x 40” h
Side Table – 18” diameter x 24” h
Family Area – 15’-6” diameter
Wood Arbor – 9’-0” h
Community Area – 12’-0” x 10’-0” oval


Bright Bimpong Sculptor
Franz Meyer Studio Mosaic Fabricator
Robert & Company Landscape Architect
Palmer Engineering Company Structural Engineer
LAM Design, Inc. Architect
Digging It Up, Skip Mason Historian
Bradberry Studios Installer
Beers Construction Company General Contractor

Mechanicsville Civic Association
SUMMECH Community Development Coalition
Abernathy Family

Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard between Formwalt and Cooper Streets

Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta (CODA)
Installation: 1996