Cultural Art Maps

For your convenience we have also included the 50 artworks or sculpture groupings from the Cultural Posters shown in the History Initiatives on the map with the APAL collection listed below.

5 Points/Fairlie Poplar/Underground

  1. "Atlanta from the Ashes" – the "Phoenix"
  2. Five Points Monument
  3. Henry W. Grady Monument by Alexander Doyle
  4. "Phoenix" (Broad Street Mall)
  5. Birth of Atlanta monument
  6. De-Code/Re-Code Atlanta
  7. Sculpture Group: Fairlie Poplar Historic District
  8. Sculpture Group: Underground Atlanta

Peachtree Street Corridor

  1. Margaret Mitchell Square – fountain
  2. Andrew Young tribute in Spring Walton Park
  3. Carnegie Education Pavilion in Hardy Ivy Park
  4. Samuel Spencer Monument by Daniel Chester French in Hard Ivy Park
  5. Fox Triangle – streetcar monument
  6. "Wisdom Bridge" – by Richard Hunt
  7. Sculpture Group: Folk Art Park

Sweet Auburn

  1. "Through His Eyes" J.W. Dobbs memorial
  2. "Freedom Quilt"
  3. "Homage to Ancestors"
  4. Bas Relief – James Tate
  5. Bas Relief – Carrie Steele Logan
  6. Bas Relief – Alice Dugged Cary
  7. Bas Relief – Wesley Redding
  8. "Behold"
  9. "Homage to King" on Freedom Parkway
  10. "Hard Days Work Shack"

Government Center

  1. Sculpture Group: City Hall
  2. Sculpture Group: Fulton County
  3. Sculpture Group: State Capitol Grounds
  4. Sculpture Group: Federal Center

19th Century Landscapes

  1. Cyclorama
  2. Sculpture Group: Oakland Cemetery

Stadium District

  1. "We Will Not Forget" Ralph David Abernathy memorial
  2. Centennial Olympic Cauldron by Siah Armajani
  3. Sculpture Group: Stadium District
  4. Sculpture Group: Sports Installations

Atlanta University/West End

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument by Edward J. Dwight, Jr. at the King Chapel
  2. "Tree-Mother" at Woodruff Library
  3. "Lifting the Veil of Ignorance" Booker T. Washington High School
  4. Sculpture Group: Atlanta University Center
  5. Sculpture Group: West End

Centennial Park

  1. "The Flare across America" in Georgia International Plaza
  2. Sculpture Group: Centennial Olympic Park

Woodruff Arts Center/Piedmont Park

  1. "Three Up, Three Down" by Alexander Calder
  2. "World Events" by Tony Cragg
  3. Sculpture Group: Woodruff Arts Center
  4. "Robert W. Woodruff"
  5. "Playscape" by Isamu Noguchi
  6. Sculpture Group: Piedmont Park Atlanta Botanical Garden

Freedom Park/Carter Center

  1. "54 Columns" by Sol Le Witt
  2. Sculpture Group: Freedom Park/Carter Center

Additional APAL Artworks

  1. “27 Torch Gate”
  2. "Ex-Static"
  3. "Games"
  4. "New Endings" – deassessioned
  5. Heritage Memorial Park