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55 || Heritage Park / Stadium District

Heritage Memorial Park
Artists: Stuart Romm (b. Atlanta, 1951, r. Atlanta)
Fred Pearsall (b. Philadelphia, 1951, r. Atlanta)
Harris Dimitropoulos (b. Athens, Greece, 1954, r. Marietta, GA)

Photo Credit: Neil Dent
Located on a prominent high point in the Summerhill community, Heritage Park overlooks the surrounding neighborhood, downtown Atlanta, and Turner Field (the former Olympic Stadium). The Park was developed as a passive open space to serve as a gateway into Summerhill and the surrounding Greenlea Commons North townhome development. In addition to green space, the park contains a monument to the Summerhill’s founders and its complex history.

MATERIALS: Granite, concrete

Circle 41’-0” diameter map
Arch 20’-11” w x 2’-0” d x 12’-0” h

Heritage Memorial Atlanta
Photo Credit: Drew Logothetis


Altamira Design and Common Sense Landscape Architect
Baker Concrete Construction Co., Inc. / InSite General Contractor

LOCATION: Heritage Park, Fraser and Crumley Streets

COMMISSIONING ORGANIZATION: Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta (CODA)
Installation: 1996