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52 || Civic Center Marta Station/Downtown

Ex-Static - Atlanta Sculpture“Ex-Static”
Artist: Maria Artemis
(b. Greensboro, NC, 1945, r. Atlanta)

Funded through the Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta, Ex-Static describes a complex system in flux similar to the life of a city. An integral part of a larger pedestrian corridor designed by EDC Design, the site-specific sculpture rejuvenates the traffic island revealing the site and its surroundings. A way finding element incorporated in the design helps link the Civic Center Marta Station with the Civic Center. The work is fabricated in part from aircraft elements donated by Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems. These technically sophisticated elements, engineered for another purpose are reworked. The surfaces have been polished, sandblasted or left with minimal cleaning, and sealed. The beauty of the interior structure has been revealed and emphasized by contrasting paint.

Ex-Static - Atlanta SculptureThe title of the work comes from a stencil found on the side of one of the engine pylons, which read: "Ex-Static Test Program". It is dedicated to the artist's father, who as an engineer at Lockheed 20 years ago worked on the same two aircraft s [C-5 and C-141] from which the materials came.

Anodized aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel cable, paint

Signage – 10’ w x 5’ d x 9’ h

Aircraft Element
1. 17’ w x 22’ d x 15’ h (average)
2. 9’-9” w x 17’ d x 8’-8” h (average)
3. 8’-0” w x 20’-8” d x 8’-3” h (average)


EDC Pickering Design Team Coordinator
André Studio Fabricator
Superior Rigging &
Erecting Company
Paradise Construction, Inc. General Contractor

SPONSOR: Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems

LOCATION: Civic Center MARTA Station, Pine and West Peachtree Streets. Smaller sign is located on Peachtree Street next to Saint Luke’s Church.

Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta (CODA)
Installation: 1996