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6 || Central Avenue & Decatur / Underground / Downtown

De-Code/Re-Code Atlanta
Architect: Conway +Schulte (established Ames, IA 1994) William F. Conway (b. New Haven, CT. 1949, r. Ames, IA)

“De-Code/Re-Code Atlanta” creates a public space on the site of a former traffic island in the heart of downtown Atlanta, while reclaiming the history of the place. Through both language and design, the installation weaves together a narrative of the viaduct “gulch area” and its inhabitants, past and present. The site includes seating, overhead shade devices, lighting, and planting—all helping to accommodate a wide range of public activity. Located at the intersection of Central Avenue and Decatur Street, it also serves as the southwest gateway to the Georgia State University Urban Campus. This project is part of the CODA/ASA Public Space in the New American City Competition juried in May 1994.

Photo Credit: Neil Dent

Photo Credit: Neil Dent

MATERIALS: Concrete, mild steel, paint

Concrete wall length – 226’  length by 2’-0” - 3-9” height
segments 37’ long (average)

Metal shade device – 31’-8” wide x 25’ high
11” diameter columns


Hanscomb Associates, Inc. Cost Estimator
Pruitt Eberly Stone Engineers Structural Engineer
Eberly & Associates Civil Engineer
Piedmont Olsen Hensley Surveyor
Atlanta History Center History Consultant
Van Winkle and Company, Inc. General Contractor

LOCATION: Central Avenue and Decatur Street

Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta (CODA)
Installation: 1996

De Code Atlanta De Code Atlanta